Can you imagine that It takes 60,000 rose blossoms to produce a 30 ml bottle of essential oil? Seriously....

So...the roses take like...40 days to grow...and they have found that the best time to harvest the rose blossoms is after a full moon in the early morning when the dew is still clinging softly to the petals. How beautiful is that? Just knowing that as you smell the aroma of your rose oil makes it that much sweeter and softer doesn't it? The intention and beauty in the oil is a visceral experience...

Each person has their own experience with the oils...whether it links you directly with a memory link to your past...brings you something specific and lovely to the present...or whether you are using it for a specific purpose to help heal you to a better future....these oils are amazing!

Specifically roses......:)

Best uses for rose oil? Don't forget...this is just my humble opinion.........there's so many uses.....but....I love adding a few drops to distilled water and keep it in my bag so whenever I'm feeling a little overwhelmed...needing a little 90 second holiday...i spritz it on and it just takes me to a different place, connects me to my rad self again, and helps me to remember that in's always good to stop and smell the roses ;)

On July 19th I had the privilege of co-facilitating an amazing workshop – “Are You Hearing the Call” with Equine Facilitated Wellness Coach Meagan Saum and the incredible herd – Zoe, Taxi, Holly, Morgan and Roy. This took place at the Silver Valley Ranch outside of Airdrie, Alberta.

Guided visualization and music, horses, mandala drawings and mindfulness in nature laid the foundation for each participant to explore their unique purpose or ‘calling’ through the pattern and stages of the Hero’s Journey.

Thank-you to the lovely participants who showed up in such a profound way and to the horses whose conscious commitment to their work and love of music filled me with a sense of wonder.

This was our first workshop, but guaranteed, there will be many more!!!

Louise Cadrin

Music Therapist and Bonny Method Facilitator